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Briggs & Stratton 6167 Maintenance Kit for 30-35KW Generators (1800 RPM Units- GM 3.0L Engines)

Designed for the 30-35KW Generator
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Product Details

Briggs & Stratton 6167 30-35KW Generator Maintenance Kit

Product description

The Briggs & Stratton 6167 Standby Generator Maintenance Kit contains pre-measured oil, (4) spark plugs, (1) UL rated filter and (1) oil filter designed to keep your generator running smoothly. With this maintenance kit, you won''t need to worry about trying to find the right part, the right amount of oil or a correct air filter. Designed for 30,000-watt and 35,000-watt generators, everything needed for regular maintenance comes in this complete package. Keep your Briggs & Stratton generator in top condition to always deliver peak performance with engine preventative maintenance.

  • Maintains the life of your generator
  • Includes pre-measured synthetic oil, spark plugs, and filters
  • One kit to replace all necessary components
  • Designed for 30,000-watt to 35,000-watt generators (1800RPM Units- GM 3.0L Engines)
  • Deliver peak performance with engine preventative maintenance
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