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Generac 6484 Scheduled Maintenance Kit for 12-18kW Air-Cooled Standby Generators With 990c Engine (2013 or Newer Models)

Designed for the 13-17KW Standby Generator with 990cc Engine
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Generac 6484 Scheduled Maintenance Kit for 12-18KW Air-Cooled Standby Generators With 990cc Engines (2013 or Newer Models)

This kit is designed for the Generac 12-18KW (990cc) Air-Cooled Engines. Always refer to your owner's manual to confirm the correct maintenance kit for your specific model number.

Kit Includes:

- (1) Air Filter

- (1) Oil Filter

- (2) Spark Plug

- (1) Chamois

- (1) Instruction Manual

- (1) Preventive Maintenance Reminder Sticker

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