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Kohler 10 Circuit Manual Transfer Switch Kit 37 755 07-S

37 755 07-S
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Kohler 37 755 07-S Manual Transfer Switch (By Reliance Controls)


The manual transfer switch is designed to let you control and distribute your generator’s power. It correctly distributes the power from your portable generator to your home circuitry through your electrical load center. It also eliminates the need for messy cords running to your electrical appliances through open doors and windows. The manual transfer switch working with your generator eliminates the worry and inconvenience from power outage situations.

Standard Features

  • Complete Kit - Each kit includes pre-wired 30A transfer switch, power inlet box, 10’ power cord(30A), 20A plug adaptor.
  • Easy Installation - Transfer switches include pre-wired whip to connect to the home’s panel. Power inlet box features ample wiring space to hard-wire the unit to the transfer switch.
  • Circuit breakers Each transfer switch circuit has a 1-inch interchangeable circuit breaker that protects the branch circuit when the circuit selector switch is in the GEN position.
  • Circuit selector switches These switches allow you to select either GEN (generator) or LINE (utility) as the power source for the branch circuits that have been wired through the transfer switch.
  • Analog wattmeters These meters indicate the total load, in watts, on each side of the generator when the generator is supplying power.
  • UL 1008 / C-UL listed
  • NEMA 1 Indoor Rated
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
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